Why buy?  Advantages & Opportunities
  • Property securely held within a sound, debt-free, foreign-owned, Mexican corporation.
  • Fully legal foreign ownership of large tracts of coastal land.
  • Critical environmental permits and beach protection concessions secured.
  • Title Insurance policy in effect and transferable.. no disputes over boundaries or titles.
  • Homeowner's insurance with hurricane coverage is available.
Advantages to Purchase of the Costa Cardonal Package
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any reasonable
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Price Reduced!
Now $398,000 USD
  • Transfer of company ownership - a simple process!
  • Other purchase costs are reduced and transfer is prompt.
Straight forward purchase
Why is this the right time to buy this package?  
  • For health reasons, the Sellers are very motivated to
    complete a sale soon.
  • Various purchase options and payment plans will be
    seriously considered.
  • The value of the package far exceeds the sale price.
  • You are missing out on the joy of living here!
Profit potential, requiring little attention!
  • The company runs smoothly, all the hard work is done!
  • The Community Association assumes many tasks and
    costs for Costa Cardonal.
  • Recover your costs by selling lots and land!